men of sorrows

Platon A. Murenin

Platon is the original Creator of Men of Sorrows. He has extensive experience in Writing and Directing.

The idea started as a Short Film and after further work and research has evolved into Treatment with two Episodes for a TV Series pitch.

Marina Simpson

Marina was the first person to take Men of Sorrows under her wing. She has extensive experience in Producing.

She helped to finalize Men of Sorrows Short Film production and to further evolve the idea from a Short Film to a pitch for a TV Series.

Men of Sorrows is a Political Drama about families that get torn apart because of money and the pursuit for power. It starts in the nation’s capital and follows into Southwest United States as it revolves around many characters of many backgrounds.

Men of Sorrows is a true event narrative that focuses on the problems of today and tomorrow; the kind of problems that nobody wants to talk about. It follows events and characters from three major countries – The United States, Mexico, and Russia.

Men of Sorrows is about technology that is so deeply incorporated into our lives that it becomes its own living soul. It is about characters that bring to the table a little bit of something that encumbers every living soul…the dynamics of being human. This show brings it all Home.